What is Shungite?

Shungite has been around for an estimated two billion years, but its healing potential was recognized through the 1996 Nobel Prize-winning research that discovered fullerenes within the stone.

Shungite is composed mostly of pure carbon and is the only known natural mineral to contain fullerenes, which are specific molecular formations of carbon that act as powerful, long-lasting antioxidants. It is a natural antioxidant that increases human immunity with regards to many serious illnesses. It actively interacts with electromagnetic fields and neutralizes their negative impact.

  • Shungite Benefits

    • Protects against electromagnetic frequency and 5G
    • Improves energy levels
    • Detoxifies the mind, body, and spirit
    • Relieves pain
    • Soothes insomnia
  • Shungite Possesses

    • Anti-inflammatory and antihistaminic effects
    • Radio shielding properties
    • The ability to absorb negativity
    • Electroconductivity

More About Shungite

Shungite is a rare black stone made of up to 99% carbon. It is mainly found in Shunga, a village in Karelia, Russia.

Scientists have discovered “fullerenes” in shungite, which have remarkable properties. Among them, fullerenes boost the regenerative ability of human tissue and influence the exchange of neurotransmitters, which can improve a person's resistance to stress.

Shungite with The New You Miracle Band

Our frequency dis and shungite stone creates a synergy that has a greater total power when combined than when working separately. This creates a stability to maintain a positive state of health.

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Shungite Action Diameter

The size of area that your shungite affects depends on the size of your pyramid. The smaller ones are perfect to place near devices that emit EMFs like your computer and router. The larger ones are perfect for rooms where there are more devices and mobile devices are used heavily.

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