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How It Works

The frequency of a healthy animal is the same frequency of a healthy human, so we can utilize the same technology that is in our Miracle Bands for pets as well!

The frequency disc in our Lucky Paws Pet Collars is comprised of a proprietary blend of different metals. It is polarized and charged to the same electrical energy frequency as a healthy body. When the charged metal contacts your pet's body it subtly raises your pet's body frequency to the correct level without overcharging to achieve optimum body efficiency and, in many cases, reduce pain.

Revitalize your pet!

Our collars take a preventative approach in helping your pet stay healthy and enjoy a quality life. They are all natural and they work. Your pet will be smiling when they wear our collars.

If your pet suffers from arthritis, tendonitis, inflammation, pain, or hip dysplasia, our collars can help.

We recommend regular exams for your pet, which include nose-to-tail evaluations and age-appropriate wellness assessments.

  • Protection from 5G

    Cell phones and wireless devices give off electromagnetic (EMF) radiation that is unbalanced and can be felt in the body as it is absorbed. Our collars tap into the universal life force energy that is in and around all of life. This universal energy is unbalanced by cell towers, power lines, electronics, etc. Your pets are naturally affected by this imbalance.

  • Effects on Pets from EMFs

    The effects of 5G and EMF exposure may cause problems with behavior, digestion, sleep, and fertility, as well as your pet's biological tissue, organs, vitamin, and mineral levels. In the worst cases, cancer and heart disease may also be attributed to EMF exposure.

  • What are EMFs

    EMFs or Electro-Magnetic Fields are invisible lines of force that surround all electrical devices. This invisible energy is also known as RADIATION. Magnetic fields from Wi-Fi passes through most all earthly materials, even including the DNA cells of all living creatures. Think about it, you can text a picture to anywhere in the world and have it delivered almost instantly. Have you ever stopped to consider all that text ‘goes thru’ and how it might have an impact on living beings? Your cell phone is a mini-microwave that is exposing you to constant radiation.


"My vet diagnosed my dog, Molly a small border collie, with tendonitis. She said Molly was inflamed and wanted Molly to take Rimadyl. Molly was limping and moving slowly and yelped when I tried to move her. I bought a Lucky Paws Pet Collar and within three days Molly is back to her playful self. I saved $2500 because that's what the surgery would cost. I am also protecting my Molly from harmful EMFs."

Judy George

“The Lucky Paws Pet Collar has definitely changed the quality of my dogs life I saw firsthand my dog Romeo who lived to be 17 come back to life when he was diagnosed with Osteoarthritis at the age of 15. He was falling down and just in pain. The last two years of his life were definitely better.”

Glenda Deramus

When Jeff sent me collars to try I admit I was skeptical, I tested them on dogs and cats. And although our pets don't talk they can tell us how they feel with their smiles and I have seen firsthand changes. I would not hesitate to recommend them.

Dr. Brian Silverlieb, DVM

"My dog Haze was limping pretty band he has arthritis but when I put the collar on him he quit limping within a day.  I have a 5G tower right near the house and I bought a band to protect him from 5G too."

Mona Johnson