See how The New You Miracle Band has helped so many people start to live their lives pain free and protected from the harmful side effects EMFs.

Susan's Testimonal

Check out Susan's testimonial while she is showing off some of our products at The Herb Shop in Pensacola, FL. She has two herniated discs and scoliosis, after a few weeks of wearing the New You Miracle Band she is now pain free and experiences quicker recoveries when she works out.

Sharon's Testimonial

Hear Sharon Portis of Natural Wayz, LLC from Montgomery, AL share her testimonial of finding the pain relief she needed without drugs. She is excited to be able to spread the word about how the New You Miracle Bands work!

  • “My name is Tracey Reinhardt and I am 52 years old and reside in Dallas, Texas.  I bought a miracle band at a health fair in Navarre beach, Florida in 2014.I have been wearing my copper bracelet for almost 7 years now and I can feel a difference. I have carpel tunnel in my right hand which is very painful and swells but wearing the bracelet has made the pain almost disappear. I do not completely understand how the Miracle Band works - not sure -- all I know is that my hand pain has diminished significantly and if I take it off the pain returns within a few hours.”

    Tracey Reinhardt
  • "I purchased a band due to pain in my back, and arthritis in my hands.. I also had a tumor removed from my hand a few years ago and that hand had stiffness from underuse.. within that same day my back pain went away and I would equate the pain relief to the same relief as taking a Tylenol... such a difference.. I have had it two weeks and I hope to never go without it!! I feel 10 years younger and I can work lifting and bending and I am not stiff or sore the next day! Incredible! I even pick up my granddaughter now! Thank you so much, what a blessing! I can use my hand like I had never had a problem!"

  • “My name is Linda Wilson I am 79 years old and I reside in Montgomery, Alabama six years ago I started having lots of pain in my right shoulder. When the pain got so bad that I had trouble sleeping I saw an orthopedic surgeon who determined that there was a small tear in my rotator cuff but the arthritis was so bad that I needed a new shoulder. I knew I couldn't handle shoulder replacement and recovery while caring for my husband who had Alzheimer's. I learned about Miracle Band and have worn one ever since with no shoulder problem. I’ve been wearing the band for six solid years”

    Linda Wilson
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Linda's Testimonial

Check out Linda's testimonial on how she has found pain relief with the New You Miracle Band for 10 years with a torn rotator cuff and arthritis. It truly is a miracle.

  • “I reside in Fort Pierce, Florida and Boston, Massachusetts. I live in Florida and I am an avid fisherman and boater and I never leave home without wearing my miracle band- I used to get sea sick when I went deep sea fishing but not anymore.”

    Russell McCabe
  • “Good morning, If you are reading this then you are considering a Miracle Band. The band gives me energy!!! I’m loving the energy I’m feeling from my MIRACLE Band! I have been on such a decluttering roll in my house! Also, I feel more mental clarity (no brain fog). I’ve been wearing it for months and I absolutely love it!”

    Star B
  • “A friend gave me The New You Miracle Band™ as a gift for the pain in my shoulder distracted me and caused me not to do the things I wanted to do. Within hour of wearing the band, I noticed the nagging spot of pain in my shoulder was gone. It’s been 5 years now and I still wear the band. I highly recommend this product to anyone in pain or with balance problems.”

    Carl Neal
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Lori's Testimonial

Check out how Lori Franz feels after wearing The New You Miracle Band after 2 weeks.

Kellie's Testimonial

Check out Kellie's testimonial after wearing our Miracle Band after a few hours. She had pain relief in her shoulders and hips along with having more energy.

Kendra's Testimonial

Check out Kendra's testimonial after wearing the band for only 3 hours. Diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis, she found symptom relief with our Miracle Band.

  • "Since 1971 when I hurt my right side in a car accident I have had trouble with my neck no matter what I’ve done or taken nothing seems to help UNTIL I met Jeff and THE MIRACLE BAND I wear it constantly and the amount of relief is unreally wonderful!!!"

    Lauren Hay
  • "I’ve had a miracle band for about 8 yrs. I’ve had both hips replaced. I have degenerative bones. I couldn’t work for years. I’m back working full time. Thanks to miracle band. Thanks Jeff Nursery! I really believe it works. I don’t really understand but I’m in a lot less pain."

    Jack Malion
  • "After struggling with hand pain for a while, I decided to give the New You Miracle Bands a try. I was pleasantly surprised by the results. The band has greatly reduced my hand pain, making daily activities much easier. I've even noticed an improvement in my balance and strength since wearing them. I've been wearing them for a year now and have even started using them at the gym. The Beach Band is my personal favorite with its comfortable and stretchy design. Overall, I highly recommend the New You Miracle Bands for anyone dealing with any kind pain. They have made a significant difference in my life."

    Leah Finlay
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